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For Sale: Need-to-know Dog Etiquette for Homeowners

Selling your home takes a little more work than simply listing it on the market. You’ve got to keep the house tidy for showings and find somewhere to be when buyers show up. However, your dog plays a key role too – more specifically his absence.

Dog etiquette dictates that it is best for your dog to be out of the home during showings, whether that is with you, a pet sitter , or
a dog walker . Furthermore, your home should offer no hint to buyers that Fido is even a resident. This infographic will walk you through it, and your pooch can come back out to play once you are settled into your new home. Why not start with a hike on one of the many trails to get your blood pumping? There is plenty to do around Blue Ridge, and now that you call it home
you all have the time in the world.
For more information:

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3. Visit bhg.com for other tips on decluttering
4. Visit getridofthings.com for tips on eliminating pet odors 
5. Visit realtor.com to find more things you should be talking to your realtor about

Once you brush up on your dog etiquette, you can ensure that all your home showings go off without a hitch. It won’t be long and you’ll be unpacking the last box in your new home.

For all of your real estate needs, contact Gene Rutkowski at cabinsonthestream.com.
Article provided by Medina James at DogEtiquette.info


For Sale: Need-to-know Dog Etiquette for Homeowners